April Newsletter – Drama Related Stress

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Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert


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March Newsletter – How to Beat Stress with Mindful Moments

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Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert

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January Newsletter – How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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“How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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You have goals for 2017 and now you find that your motivation to change is waxing and waning. Life is busy and you are distracted from your goals for this year.

Here is the good news, the most successful change happens when you take small, incremental steps and get those locked in before you add to your plan.

The reason that you have failed to sustain your goals for 2017 is not a reflection that you failed but more that your plan has not been “sticky” enough to stack your deck for success.

Eight Tips to create a Sticky Plan:

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The Skill of Being Lost to Find a New Way

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Directions 4 Wellness


Sara Regester’s article titled, “The Skill of Being Lost to Find a New Way,” was published in the October 9, 2016 Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty.

Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty is a real life how-to guide for women kicking ass, through experience, stories and advice.  Visit their website by clicking here.

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Directions 4 Wellness


It was late in the day when I pulled off the highway to take a hike near Sedona. The majestic red rock formations rising against the green trees called to me all day as I worked with my client. The landscape was so seductive. I kept walking further and further like a magnet being pulled down the trail. I carefully watched for landmarks as I connected to the beauty around me. The earth was so red that the mountains appeared to be on fire in the late sun and the brush and trees were such a deep green contrast of life against the desert stone.  The air smelled so fresh and alive. I could feel the vibration of the life force energy pulsing right through me. 

As I searched to find my way I reflected on the metaphor of what being lost is, knowing that there is always a deeper lesson to learn in these situations. I think Spirit might have even been laughing at me asking “Now what is she going to do?” 

I deliberately chose to take a new trail and not my usual path. I felt triumphant to be spontaneous to hike at the end of my day before heading back to Phoenix. I felt empowered by the opportunity to break pattern and to explore a new landscape, to make my connection with nature and fill my cup after a long day. This was my treat, my pleasure and my reward. Yet, it almost ended badly at the moment that I realized I lost my way on the trail. 

I talk to my clients about re-wiring their brain to reframe mindset, change habits and create new behavior patterns in terms of hiking on a trail. I give the example of deliberately or “mindfully” choosing to step off the defined, habitual trail and to cut a new trail.  I wonder how often do we “get lost” when we are creating a new neuro pathway to change a pattern or a habit. What happens when we wander off the unfamiliar trail and step into the unknown? We may feel fear as we step out of our comfort zone. We either give up and go back to the old trail or the default pattern, or we give up and stay stuck where we are somewhere between the pattern we left and where we want to go with a new way. 

But I could see what I do when I’m lost on a new trail. Because I’ve been here before so many times. I’m good at being lost and finding my way using my tips and strategies to stay calm and find a solution. Being lost is a test of tenacity, a confrontation to increase my self worth and a testing and challenge so I can gain mastery of that new trail that I’m seeking. For me, being lost on a new trail is part of my process for creating my new way and to break free from my old default way. So it is with my clients. I’m able to teach stress management because I use the tools myself everyday and I know that being more present, containing my energy, leaning into my resource circle for support, are all great strategies to move through a challenging situation or a busy day with effective problem solving and staying in emotional balance to conserve energy and not get stuck in my track. 

Just when I had my epiphany that for me being lost is part of my process to re-wire my mindset so I can create a new pattern, or to become masterful in something new, out of the outer edge of my left eye, I saw a fleeting glimpse of a white T-shirt. I could have missed this fleck of life as it disappeared behind the brush.

I walked a little faster and gave a little shout. “Hey! Can you help me? I have lost my way.” This man was going where I needed to go. I was not alone. I reached out for his support, which instantly released the tension that I was feeling in my chest. As I followed him at a discrete distance back to the parking area, I was convinced that he was a miracle. He was an angel appearing from nowhere in the exact moment that I needed support. Within a blink I could have missed him on the trail and there would have not been anyone else so late in the day. So once again, I demonstrated my skill at being lost and the vast resources that are available when I am receptive to my surroundings, receptive to Spirit and receptive to this angel who manifested from no where to show me the way back to the path before the darkness completely fell. 

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Shining the Light into the Dark of Our Shadow to Heal and Transform

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Directions 4 Wellness


One of the keys to transformation that I offer to my clients through my programs is that I have Shamanic healing wisdom embedded into all of my programs. I have been studying the keys to healing and transformation from the early indigenous cultures of Turtle Island, which is a very ancient lineage of healing wisdom.


I don’t lead with who I am as a medicine woman but I find that when I’m out networking and sharing my message that people are very curious about what Shamanism is and ask if I am a Shaman. Short answer is that I am an apprentice learning to be a Shaman. I have studied for 13 years and have a strong dedication to my Spiritual Path.


Very simply, when we work together, we will shine the light into your shadow and poke a stick at it. Once we explore how this shadow is part of you, then we can heal it, transform it or give it away. There was some reason that you took it on as a way to cope and now this shadow part of you has turned into a box that is dimming your light.


We will work together so you can become aware of what blocks need to change, how to re-wire your mindset and live more consciously. You can then turn up the volume of your inner wise intuitive voice, while turning down that distracting inner dialogue that keeps you stuck. This is how I help you to become more stress resilient so you can be more present in your life to respond to the challenges that are throwing you off course.


Directions 4 Wellness


Sometimes I will offer a metaphor image that gives you deep insight into your inner matrix or I may give you a ceremony to do with a tree. I have a calling to help people grow, heal and evolve from their life experiences and their physical challenges so they can expand beyond their box of the comfort zone and shine their light brighter and more authentically into the world around them.


I invite you to schedule a session with me to explore your evolutionary blue print so you can see your blocks.

Sara Regester, RN, BSN

Stress Mastery Expert

Directions 4 Wellness

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