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April Newsletter – Drama Related Stress

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Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert


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January Newsletter – How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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“How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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You have goals for 2017 and now you find that your motivation to change is waxing and waning. Life is busy and you are distracted from your goals for this year.

Here is the good news, the most successful change happens when you take small, incremental steps and get those locked in before you add to your plan.

The reason that you have failed to sustain your goals for 2017 is not a reflection that you failed but more that your plan has not been “sticky” enough to stack your deck for success.

Eight Tips to create a Sticky Plan:

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Holiday Recipe for Sustainable Change

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I recently had a very inspiring vision to describe how to create sustainable change. It’s all in how you create a simple plan, with small realistic steps so that you can stack your deck for success. This is the “recipe” that I use to support the amazing transformation for my clients. If you don’t break the steps down into simple, easy to follow steps, you can go into overwhelm or procrastination and never really get started or take action on your plan.


If you think about how we bake a cake or cookies, we can apply the same recipe to our Action Plan for change. While baking, we typically only add one or two ingredients at a time. We don’t add more until they are thoroughly mixed in. Once the ingredients are mixed in or “integrated” we can then add more and stir the next ingredient into the batter. When you bake cookies, you may pour in small portions of flour, mixing in each little bit before you add more. Once all the ingredients have been mixed in you can pour the batter into a pan and bake it into a delicious treat that is a greater whole than the sum of the parts that were the individual ingredients.

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SELF-giving for Thanksgiving

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Directions 4 Wellness

It’s that time of year again where we are both excited about the coming holidays and dreading them too with all the extra preparations and festivities to add to our plate. It can be a time-crunch causing us to push with our energy to beat the clock and squeeze in all that shopping, baking, prepping and socializing.


The holiday season is a time when we push through to not miss out on anything and pull our hair out at the same time when we feel we are burning the candle at both ends.


So here is a tip to use when you have so much to do and so little time. It’s about prioritizing your to-do list by the discernment of “I want to” vs. “I should do”.


Here’s the question to ask yourSELF and many when you have competing priorities and many opportunities. Ask yourself, “What do I want to do?” Say yes to those things that are truly your heart’s desire to fuel for your energy bank. When you hear yourself saying “I should do this…” then that is the thing to delegate to someone else or say no thanks. The things that you “should” do are what create the overwhelm because they take up precious space in your day.

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When you prioritize the things that you want to do, you can gain energy from that joyful place of giving. When you give because you should to it, you will risk opening the door to resentment. When we over give and deplete ourselves or spread ourselves too thin, we risk going into resentful giving. There is no joy or energy gain if our holidays are driven by the should-do’s and not the I want to do’s”.


Practice fueling your energy bank by listening with your heart’s desire. Joyful giving is energizing and resentful giving is depleting. Always give from a full tank to not deplete your energy reserves and run yourself down.


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Sara Regester at the Authentic Speaker Academy Workshop

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I recently attended the Authentic Speaker Academy workshop so I could learn how to effectively share my message. I was under the clock, in front of a real audience while being evaluated by my mentors. I used my own Stress Resilience Strategies to remind myself to meet this challenge with excitement so I could perform well and not feel overcome by performance anxiety related to my trigger of being judged and getting feedback.  I used the “Meet the Challenge” stress response to cultivate excitement so I could learn and grow from my experience and not wipe myself out from fear of failure and anxiety. 

Listen to the full video here:

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Directions 4 Wellness

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