What you don’t know about the True Cost of Stress is that you are losing what is most precious to you:  

  • Stress costs you your key relationships
  • Stress impacts your parenting
  • Stress ruins your health
  • Stress makes you feel exhausted, burned-out and stuck in your career and not earning your full worth
  • You are spread so thin that you don’t have any time for yourSELF
  • There not enough hours in the day for your “to-do” list so you feel overwhelmed
  • You are on auto-pilot just trying to keep up with the demands of the successful life you have created believing that this is how your life has to be


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Stress keeps you playing it safe, living life small and not expanding into your fullest potential for happiness and fulfillment.


How Are You Investing in YourSELF?

Your health and energy resources are like your finances. If you keep putting out your energy into the world and spreading yourself thin, it’s just like spending the money from your checking account. As you keep spending energy resources without replenishing them, you will deplete your checking account so then you will draw from your savings account. After you have depleted that, you won’t have any money left in either account to draw from. When you are overdrawn from your energy bank you open the door to physical health issues, depletion and burnout.


I work with a new generation of success driven individuals who want to live bigger without wiping themselves out.

I can help you to manage your stress using the new science of stress management to reprogram your mindset to change habits, behaviors and lifestyle patterns so you can restore your health and prioritize what fuels your tank to create more energy to invest in yourSELF.


My expertise is to help you turn your stress into a successful, more fulfilling lifestyle.

My name is Sara Regester and I am a Stress Mastery Expert.  As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and a Certified Integrative Health Coach, my expertise in stress management is how I help people manage their stress and make it work for them instead of against them and I can do the same for you. Because you only feel stress when something you care about is at stake.

I personally have wiped out my own health from the stressful lifestyle I was living multiple times until I developed my process for turning around my stressful lifestyle.

I am an expert at uncovering the lifestyle patterns that open the door to health problems and burn-out.

You can try to transform your stress on your own like I did over many years, or you can transform your stress faster with better results using the unique techniques and strategies that I offer through my programs.  I will teach you how turn your stressful lifestyle into a successful lifestyle!


My program uses a mind-body-spirit based formula that correlates lifestyle patterns and mindset with the long list of stress related health problems.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Crohn’s Disease



Chronic pain of back or joints





Cardiovascular disease

Allergies: environmental, food


Chronic Fatigue syndrome




Skin problems

Sleep Disorders



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