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The Health and Wellbeing Core Areas: An assessment tool that helps you to identify your lifestyle strengths so you can cross train your strengths to improve your lifestyle weaknesses.


The Core Areas of Health Wheel was developed by University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine for their Integrative Health Coaching Program. When you assess your core areas you are scoring how satisfied you are with each area, not how to achieve a “10” in each area.

The Core Areas Wheel is a great tool to help you see priorities for where to start changing your lifestyle. (Download the free Core Areas of Health Wheel). 


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Core Wheel


This tool is something I use with my clients when we are starting our work together. You can download this tool and get a jump-start to assessing your personal satisfaction with key areas in your lifestyle.

You will easily see the areas where you are strong, and very satisfied, and the areas where you would like to improve.

By plotting it out on a wheel you can see how one area impacts the other areas like dominos. Health and Lifestyle is not a linear process. This is why an Integrative Health approach to changing your lifestyle is so transformative.


Download the Core Areas of Health Wheel Here

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