Prioritize What Really Matters

What Value Conflicts and Competing Priorities are Stressing You Out?


The handout for the values exercise (Download the list of words that are values)

Directions 4 Wellness

  • Identify your personal values to prioritize what really matters to you. You only feel stress about those things that you care about. If you didn’t care, you would not feel stress. Having a conflict with your personal values can be a common stress trigger. Down load the list of personal values and follow these steps to explore your personal values. 
    • Choose your top 5-10 values and rate them from 1-10 for importance.  
    • Make a list of the top 5 things you like to do to relax, have fun or restore your energy. Go for the juice, no activity is too small. (hobbies, gardening, hiking etc.)
    • Link the underlying value that is supported by the activity you would enjoy doing. You will be motivated to prioritize relaxation, pleasure and fun when they are linked to your personal values.
    • When you do the activities that prioritize your values you will gain energy to fuel your tank to prevent depletion and burnout.
    • Many of the activities that you enjoy are supporting you to practice mindfulness or cultivating a quiet focused mind. This is a discipline that will help you to mange your stress when it comes up.