Instant Attitude Adjuster

Shifting Your Attitude (Shamanic Technique): How to “give-away” your negative emotions

Sometimes you are feeling full of pent up negative energy such as resentment, frustration, self-pity or anger or you are ruminating over and over in your mind about a person of event that recently triggered you. It will create a negative impact from the stress these emotions will create when you are holding onto something emotionally. How you are able to shift your attitude about something in the moment can restore harmony and peace to your internal dialogue.





Go outside and connect with any tree that you feel drawn to. Walk around that tree three times clockwise and ask the tree if it is willing to work with you. You will hear or sense a clear yes or no.




Then connect with the tree by facing it and touching it. Speak out loud to the tree about the negative emotions you are feeling or the stress and worry that is overwhelming you. Or it may be about a person or event that has just triggered stress inside of you. So using the first person, present tense, say, “I give away the pain and stress that I feel about_________(be specific). I GIVE IT AWAY NOW!” in a voice of power.




The tree can take your negative energy and give it out into the atmosphere for you so you are not holding onto it. This should shift your thoughts and your energy so you are not ruminating on the stressful person or event. Thank the tree for supporting you.