Changing Your Mindset

How to Change Your Negative Mindset and Core Beliefs When Stress Triggers Hit:

A Turnaround Mindset Mantra or Motto is giving a positive spin to that negative voice in your head that keeps you stuck in stressed-out mode. This is the self-talk that sounds like a warped record because it repeats the negative mindset over and over in your head. Giving that old voice a new spin will support you to turnaround negative stress thoughts that pull you out of being in the present and keep you in stress-out mode.

  • Steps to create your turnaround stress mantra
    • Identify that negative stress talk that repeats in your mind. It will be one sentence like I’m so anxious, I’m so busy, I’m so overwhelmed, I’m so stuck.
    • Reframe your negative self-talk from the negative to the positive. Once you have your new mindset mantra, write it down on notecards or sticky notes and place the cards where you can see them frequently to remind you to practice saying them as the new mode of self talk. You can use humor and have fun with your new mantra. Use it often to override the old negative stress tape.
    • If you say: I’m so busy ~  You can say: What is my priority right here, right now, in this moment?
    • If you say: I’m so overwhelmed/I’m so anxious/I’m so stressed ~  You can say: I’m so excited
    • If you say: I’m so exhausted ~ You can say: I listen to my body and care for myself