Success Stories

Testimonials from my 6-week Turn Your Stress into Success Series.

Maricopa County Healthy Start:

  • The content of Sara’s 6-week stress resilience program is extremely relevant to my busy lifestyle. The tools were very practical and easy to use.
  • I gained insight in how to mange my stress using strategies I learned in this course. Even through the sharing with my group I was able to learn through their experiences and in the follow-up questions by Sara in working our action plans.
  • I learned ways to counteract stress
  • I believe this will help me in my work with my clients; to help them achieve SMART goals and to help them understand their stress and mindset.
  • The techniques I learned to use such as 4-7-8 breathing, body scan and insight from my team are what I can use daily to mange my stress.
  • Learning and connecting to life is important but I can do neither if I don’t have self-care.


Turn Your Stress into Success 6-Week Program

Cohen Perceived

Stress Scale                   Pre-score                 Post score           



A                                          24                   8 decreased perception of stress                                       

B                                          11                 21 external stress factors: chronic in nature                                 

C                                         18                 14 decreased perception of stress                                      

D                                           9                  21 external stress factors: acute in nature                                    

E                                          25                   8 decreased perception of stress                                       

F                                          16                   9 decreased perception of stress                                       

G                                         24                 17 decreased perception of stress                                       

H                                         28                 12 decreased perception of stress                                       


Scores around 13 are considered average. In our own research, we have found that high stress groups usually have a stress score of around 20 points. Scores of 20 or higher are considered high stress, and if you are in this range, you might consider learning new stress reduction techniques as well as increasing your exercise to at least three times a week. High psychological stress is associated with high blood pressure, higher BMI, larger waist to hip ratio, shorter telomere length, higher cortisol levels, suppressed immune function, decreased sleep and increased alcohol consumption. These are all important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Directions 4 WellnessAfter many failed attempts to make long-term changes in my life, I turned to Sara for help. With consistent follow-up and her disciplined approach, Sara and I worked together to achieve many stretch targets, bringing success in both my career and personal growth.

Geologist ~ Calgary

The word thatDirections 4 Wellness comes to mind when I think of my work with Sara is transformational.  I didn’t really know what to expect when we first met, I just knew there was something about her that pulled me in. Well, now I know it’s her beautiful spirit, the creation of a safe and secure environment where I could share openly, honestly and experience a release, all the while receiving new helpful information.  I was able to apply the insights I gleaned, the intuition tapped into and practical follow up commitments, creating new experiences and a shift in consciousness.  I will forever be grateful to Sara and highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to connect with themselves, grow, heal or change. Thank you Sara!

Jessica  ~ Scottsdale, Arizona


Alana E. Roberts copyrightI was very fortunate to find Sara to help me with transformation in my life-some I knew I needed or wanted; others were a wonderful side benefit as part of the process. 🙂

One important thing I learned is that changing the path is so much more than thinking “this is what I want to do.”  Some processes that I have developed over the years needed changing. This would never have happened without Sara’s help!  She really helped me change my thought process on those mental blocks that you put up (unknowingly) to make change difficult.

She has such a way of seeing what would help and then facilitating the changes. She listens and is easy to talk to.  It is amazing to me how she can do this – she really has the intuition and training to be a coach. I don’t believe that I could have made the changes without Sara’s coaching. This is still a work in process, but she gave me the support and direction to continue to make the changes I desire.

She helped me in so many ways – mind, body, soul connection. I am continuing to practice what I learned and to be open – it is amazing the connections that have happened. I believe (now) that finding Sara was not by accident. And I really believe that my transformation started with my Crohn’s diagnosis a few years ago. I also truly believe we can be in charge of our own health and wellness through diet and lifestyle changes.

I highly encourage you to use Sara as a life, health & wellness coach to facilitate transformation in your life!!

Lyndie ~ Glenwood Springs, Colorado


Directions 4 WellnessMy life has been set on a new Gestalt, physically, mentally, and spiritually since beginning Directions 4 Wellness in July, 2014. I have begun the process of discovering my true self and transforming my body and mind, from closed and unhealthy, to a new place of gratitude, positivity and health. Sara’s guidance has gifted me the tools for the journey to my vision. 

My success includes a 90 pound weight loss and still loosing, getting off insulin for diabetes and turning around my diagnosis of heart failure, all through transforming my lifestyle. 

Chris ~ Altamonte Springs, Florida

Directions 4 Wellness“Thank you Sara for changing my life…. I love our work together, your compassion for my success and guidance is taking my life to the next level that I am SO GRATEFUL for.”

Suzette ~ Phoenix, Arizona


Directions 4 WellnessAs an integrative health coach, Sara appeared during a pivotal time in my life. I was transitioning from overcoming a life threatening illness and leaving my “identity” in the corporate world to pursue my passion for yoga. She is extremely skilled and effective at approaching the process from a multi-pronged technique where mind, body, and spirit connect.
She spent a significant amount of time collecting information and listening to my needs, fears, dreams, and so forth. Sara acts as a “mirror” and truly helps her clients connect to the answers within. She brings a fusion of 30+ years of healthcare and personal experience to her sessions. I highly recommend Sara as a coach!
Cristy S. ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Directions 4 Wellness“I have learned more about myself and how to better achieve my goals in my few Directions 4 Wellness sessions than in some of the self-improvement practices I’ve been doing for years! You gave me real actions to take that I was able to put them into practice immediately.  I have seen results quickly, too. I am energized and humbled by the power of what I have learned.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Mary Westheimer, Phoenix

Directions 4 WellnessNew opportunities arise each day to expand or refine the mindful wellness plan you helped me craft.  The other day an image that contains the many aspects of this evolving, dynamic process of health, happiness, hope, humor and harmony emerged.  It is the proverbial Holy Grail!  In my mind’s eye this takes the form of a radiant chalice, a crucible for growth.  When the ingredients of positive self-image, purpose and meaning, honesty, ruthless commitment to mindfulness and balance are carefully placed in this vessel, an alchemical transformation takes place.  From this sacred chalice rays of awareness, alertness, positive attitude and approach, true compassion for self and others radiate steadily.

It has been two weeks since our final coaching session and my goal of eliminating recurrent gastro-esophageal reflux had been reached during our time together.  Since then I’ve learned this is an ongoing labor of self-love.  The difference when another episode stopped me in my tracks this week is that I met this challenge with hope, an open mind, and willingness to do whatever it takes to manage this disease.

Your thoughtful guidance helped me gain new perspectives and create a road-map for mindful awareness as new changes develop.  Researching, discovering, and designing the regimen that my body needs at this stage of life is no longer a dreaded chore.  It is the Holy Grail, the quest that allows my spirit to dance so I can give and live with joy.  Thanks for helping with a much needed attitude adjustment regarding my body and health!

A beloved teacher passed away last week.  Although I never met him, Dennis Hooker was a highly influential Aikido teacher who long ago cured himself of Myasthenia Gravis.  During his engagement with this disease Hooker Sensei received a letter of deep insight from his teacher, Saotome Shihan.  Here is a particularly relevant excerpt.  “Misogi hara” refers to purification of one’s center, within the womb-space.  While Aikido is not a religion, it is based on the founder’s understanding of divine energies, referred to here as “God.”

“A disability is often used by God as a gift to make the spirit grow and give deeper meaning to your life. Deep breathing and the movements of harmony are very important – not aggression, not conflict, but also not weakness. The true power is in spiritual confidence, flexibility, and compassion in never giving up.

Most important in any training, especially misogi hara, is the reason you are training. You must train with an open mind and always try to do God’s will. Your spirit must strive to purify itself and search for unity with the Holy Spirit.”

S. J.  Sierra Madre, California

Directions 4 WellnessSara took great care and concern for what I identified as my most desired goals as she helped me see my life and my health as having connection to what I desired to accomplish in my business.

I benefited greatly from Sara’s medical background and coaching skills and every meeting we had contained assistance with developing a plan of action and choice.

I looked forward to each session knowing that I would see the progress I had made and would see new resources around me.

Sara’s thoroughness and attentiveness to how I approached challenges turned my mindset into moments where I could have actions as well as ideas.

Thanks so much Sara!

Laurene, Phoenix, Arizona 

Tall treesI have enjoyed seven productive coaching sessions with Sara and find myself in a much happier, healthier and more productive place–both inside myself and in my outer world.

Sara has great skill in listening, supporting, suggesting and yes, coaching. Sara has assisted me in reaching several important goals that I set for myself within the coaching context.

Sara’s story about paragliding offers a good analogy to my experience…especially the part about how to avoid motion sickness because many of the barriers I have faced have remained just that–barriers that seemingly threatened me with some unknown malady if broken through.

With Sara’s coaching I have been able to view these barriers from a different perspective allowing for movement through them and out the other side feeling much better about who I am and how I walk through life.

I offer my sincere thanks to Sara for her care, insight and willingness to be the person who sits behind me on my leap into the unknown.

Thank you,

Kathy, Winslow, Arizona

Directions 4 WellnessI cannot say enough about the positive influence and experience I’ve had working with Sara. Through Sara’s guidance and encouragement, I feel confident I am stepping into my true life’s desire. Sara fostered confidence in all my transitions by assisting me set realistic and attainable goals. I also loved the fact she explained and shared the shamanic traditions and ceremonies she has learned over the years as these have helped deepen my understanding of the chaos surrounding change. Working with Sara has expanded my appreciation and awareness to what is possible.

Lynn, Scottsdale, Arizona