Success Stories

Tall treesI have enjoyed seven productive coaching sessions with Sara and find myself in a much happier, healthier and more productive place–both inside myself and in my outer world.

Sara has great skill in listening, supporting, suggesting and yes, coaching. Sara has assisted me in reaching several important goals that I set for myself within the coaching context.

Sara’s story about paragliding offers a good analogy to my experience…especially the part about how to avoid motion sickness because many of the barriers I have faced have remained just that–barriers that seemingly threatened me with some unknown malady if broken through.

With Sara’s coaching I have been able to view these barriers from a different perspective allowing for movement through them and out the other side feeling much better about who I am and how I walk through life.

I offer my sincere thanks to Sara for her care, insight and willingness to be the person who sits behind me on my leap into the unknown.

Thank you,

Kathy, Winslow, Arizona

Directions 4 WellnessI cannot say enough about the positive influence and experience I’ve had working with Sara. Through Sara’s guidance and encouragement, I feel confident I am stepping into my true life’s desire. Sara fostered confidence in all my transitions by assisting me set realistic and attainable goals. I also loved the fact she explained and shared the shamanic traditions and ceremonies she has learned over the years as these have helped deepen my understanding of the chaos surrounding change. Working with Sara has expanded my appreciation and awareness to what is possible.

Lynn, Scottsdale, Arizona