Success Stories

What a wonderful introduction into mindfulness and how to apply it to stress resilience.  My favorite tools were the pause button, 4-7-8 breath and womb space check in, trees!, and the good application of SMART Goals.  A great idea and concept.  I enjoyed the meadow meditation!

Finishing class with lots of growing and learning to go about my hearts desire and my shining but am 100% more self-aware. ~ Jordan


Working with Sara Regester has given me many tools to execute my goals, giving me greater depth of confidence to achieve them.




Working with Sara in the individualized program over the past three months has helped me decrease my stress level in both my professional and personal life.  She helped me recognize all the positive aspects and support in my life.  With this empowerment and enlightenment, I made many life changing decisions to move on to a new chapter of my life.  I am using techniques learned from Sara daily to decrease my stress and help those around me either not to be triggers to stress or coaching them out of the “crazy” and full blown breakdowns.  

Thank you for being a champion and guide for me this past year.  Your wisdom, compassion and strength have helped me navigate some significant challenges – from my career, to my relationships, to my aspiring motherhood – and I feel better equipped to face them head on with you by my side!  May 2017 be a year of miracles.  ~ Alana, Phoenix, AZ

Sara has been instrumental in guiding me through some areas both professionally and personally that I have been hung up on for some time. Though I have experienced many “self help” seminars and spiritual growth events I have never before had such a personal approach to what I have been struggling with. I am feeling empowered now with several tools to help me to stay on track as I rumble through this thing called life. ~ Kristine, Rio Verde, AZ 

Directions 4 WellnessSara’s approach to stress reduction is profound and deeply healing. Her knowledge of shamanic wisdom transcends modern stress reduction approaches, such as time management, sufficient sleep and work life balance. This background allows Sara to guide her clients to address the emotional issues that lie at the root of what causes them stress. Working with Sara has been truly transformative! ~ Selina S., Phoenix, AZ

Directions 4 WellnessSara is the most remarkable healer I’ve worked with to date. She combines a dazzling knowledge of health, wellness, and spirituality with an uncanny instinct for what her clients need. In just three short months, I feel more joyful, confident, resilient and clear-headed. Plus, I’ve started a beautiful relationship and continue to build my career vision—thanks in large part to Sara’s coaching. I highly recommend Sara for the driven, conscious woman who wants to wake up to her true potential and kick the “no pain, no gain” mindset to the curb.  ~ Alana H., Phoenix, Arizona

Directions 4 Wellness“Sara’s coaching is like no other! Her breadth of skills, insight, and background means she can pull from different areas to really hone in on what type of support you need. For example, I have a physical ailment that links to the emotional support I needed. I realized through our 3 month personalized coaching that I have been pushing all my life rather than being open to receiving . . . and I think many women can relate to this. Though I may have known this before mentally, Sara’s coaching gave me specific tools to start transforming this pattern in my life and I am truly grateful.” ~ Alicia, Phoenix AZ

Directions 4 Wellness“Sara has an innate ability to get to the root of an issue. She offers new ways to approach life’s challenges that not only help the situation but ultimately change the way you approach your life for the better for the long run. She has many unique tools and tips to help you stay on track and stay grounded within yourself so that you can be proactive instead of reactive. Working with Sara has profoundly changed the way I move through my life. I cannot say enough amazing things about her expertise and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new way to navigate their stress and challenges.” ~ Susan, Phoenix AZ


Directions 4 Wellness“Sara Regester is your “go to” coach for nailing what aspects of stress are holding you back, personally.  This is an individualized approach, while simultaneously providing a supportive collective to show us how to take care of ourselves and each other.  This is not a ‘cookie cutter’ conversation.  You will learn and implement things you have not heard before.  I found it highly motivational and am making very good progress on continuing to discover what stresses me and how to ‘turn that around’.  Most stress is optional.  It is not the same as ‘tension’—which is a good thing.  I recommend this class highly.  Jump in!  You won’t regret it.” ~ Ellen M Brennan, PhD”

Directions 4 Wellness“Thank you for the wonderful talk you gave to our Leadership Team. We greatly appreciated the information on Stress and enjoyed your warm, caring, enthusiastic presentation.” ~ Jill, Executive Director Vi, at Silverstone 

Directions 4 Wellness“I have a new awareness on my stressors. And I continually reign it in with the breath or my SMART goal, or the Power in my choice. Really good tools and starting the class was a step in the dedication to myself.” ~ Donna 

Directions 4 WellnessSara held up a window for me to look through so I could see new perspectives of what is possible. I then found the determination to go for my dream like I never felt before and now everything I ever wanted is coming into my life. ~ Terry, Phoenix

Directions 4 Wellness

 As a result of my session with Sara, I became very clear about the transitions I have every three years and the opportunity I have to tie up some old, re-occurring patterns and write a new script! I love the way Sara provided a different lens for interpreting my life and stress issues. What a weight off my shoulders! Sara also provided some great strategies for me to take care of myself which felt quite liberating! ~ Dr. Kristine Quade, JD, EdD

“Sara’s class taught me about the physiological responses around stress – which I found very interesting and helpful.  The six week class covered neuroplasticity and how to create sustainable change in mindset and beliefs around work-life balance.  Sara was always available for follow-up questions and the curriculum was flexible and created around the idea of responding vs reacting to stress.  Each class had action ideas to put to use – which was great!” ~ Thanks,  LjCross

Testimonials from my 6-week Turn Your Stress into Success Series.

Maricopa County Healthy Start:

  • The content of Sara’s 6-week stress resilience program is extremely relevant to my busy lifestyle. The tools were very practical and easy to use.
  • I gained insight in how to mange my stress using strategies I learned in this course. Even through the sharing with my group I was able to learn through their experiences and in the follow-up questions by Sara in working our action plans.
  • I learned ways to counteract stress
  • I believe this will help me in my work with my clients; to help them achieve SMART goals and to help them understand their stress and mindset.
  • The techniques I learned to use such as 4-7-8 breathing, body scan and insight from my team are what I can use daily to mange my stress.
  • Learning and connecting to life is important but I can do neither if I don’t have self-care.


Turn Your Stress into Success 6-Week Program

Cohen Perceived

Stress Scale                   Pre-score                 Post score           



A                                          24                   8 decreased perception of stress                                       

B                                          11                 21 external stress factors: chronic in nature                                 

C                                         18                 14 decreased perception of stress                                      

D                                           9                  21 external stress factors: acute in nature                                    

E                                          25                   8 decreased perception of stress                                       

F                                          16                   9 decreased perception of stress                                       

G                                         24                 17 decreased perception of stress                                       

H                                         28                 12 decreased perception of stress                                       


Scores around 13 are considered average. In our own research, we have found that high stress groups usually have a stress score of around 20 points. Scores of 20 or higher are considered high stress, and if you are in this range, you might consider learning new stress reduction techniques as well as increasing your exercise to at least three times a week. High psychological stress is associated with high blood pressure, higher BMI, larger waist to hip ratio, shorter telomere length, higher cortisol levels, suppressed immune function, decreased sleep and increased alcohol consumption. These are all important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Directions 4 WellnessAfter many failed attempts to make long-term changes in my life, I turned to Sara for help. With consistent follow-up and her disciplined approach, Sara and I worked together to achieve many stretch targets, bringing success in both my career and personal growth.

Geologist ~ Calgary

The word thatDirections 4 Wellness comes to mind when I think of my work with Sara is transformational.  I didn’t really know what to expect when we first met, I just knew there was something about her that pulled me in. Well, now I know it’s her beautiful spirit, the creation of a safe and secure environment where I could share openly, honestly and experience a release, all the while receiving new helpful information.  I was able to apply the insights I gleaned, the intuition tapped into and practical follow up commitments, creating new experiences and a shift in consciousness.  I will forever be grateful to Sara and highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to connect with themselves, grow, heal or change. Thank you Sara!

Jessica  ~ Scottsdale, Arizona


Alana E. Roberts copyrightI was very fortunate to find Sara to help me with transformation in my life-some I knew I needed or wanted; others were a wonderful side benefit as part of the process. 🙂

One important thing I learned is that changing the path is so much more than thinking “this is what I want to do.”  Some processes that I have developed over the years needed changing. This would never have happened without Sara’s help!  She really helped me change my thought process on those mental blocks that you put up (unknowingly) to make change difficult.

She has such a way of seeing what would help and then facilitating the changes. She listens and is easy to talk to.  It is amazing to me how she can do this – she really has the intuition and training to be a coach. I don’t believe that I could have made the changes without Sara’s coaching. This is still a work in process, but she gave me the support and direction to continue to make the changes I desire.

She helped me in so many ways – mind, body, soul connection. I am continuing to practice what I learned and to be open – it is amazing the connections that have happened. I believe (now) that finding Sara was not by accident. And I really believe that my transformation started with my Crohn’s diagnosis a few years ago. I also truly believe we can be in charge of our own health and wellness through diet and lifestyle changes.

I highly encourage you to use Sara as a life, health & wellness coach to facilitate transformation in your life!!

Lyndie ~ Glenwood Springs, Colorado


Directions 4 WellnessMy life has been set on a new Gestalt, physically, mentally, and spiritually since beginning Directions 4 Wellness in July, 2014. I have begun the process of discovering my true self and transforming my body and mind, from closed and unhealthy, to a new place of gratitude, positivity and health. Sara’s guidance has gifted me the tools for the journey to my vision. 

My success includes a 90 pound weight loss and still loosing, getting off insulin for diabetes and turning around my diagnosis of heart failure, all through transforming my lifestyle. 

Chris ~ Altamonte Springs, Florida