Success Stories



Working with Sara has transformed my relationship with myself. I have new awareness about who I am and where I want to go. She has a way of supporting me without indulging me or my life story.

Thank you Sara!

~ Connie, Phoenix, AZ


Things I received from Sara’s Turn Your Stress Into Success Program:  Reconnecting with the self through meditation and deep breathing. Focusing my attention on what really matters, helps one to stay focused on goals. Reframing is an essential part of being proactive in how you see the world and participate with others. How you think (the energy) you carry is not just housed within you it carries out into everything that you interact with. So make a conscious effort to focus on what you do want to bring it into your life and project that out into the world. Thank you! 

Sara’s presentation and depth of knowledge were tremendous.  I enjoyed the variety of resources she utilizes.  She weaves psychology, spirituality, and biology beautifully into her presentation.  My ability to accomplish goals and deal with stress has greatly approved and I feel that I have a great working foundation to move into the future. Sara’s energy and positivity are contagious and up lifting. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you! ~ S. Rasmussen, AZ

Sara’s Turn Your Stress Into Success Program has helped me turn my inner stereo from gloomy fm to potential fm when looking at challenging issues or coping with negative self-talk.

*I feel more confident and in control of my life. *I have tools I can use when I am feeling overwhelmed that work to help me refocus on what is important and return home. *My turnaround mantra has helped me inject a sense of playfulness and humor into situations I once saw as scary and negative. *I am more comfortable “leaning into” the storm.  Thank you! ~ Maya, AZ

Participating in the Turn Your Stress into Success Program was very valuable to me!  It gave me the opportunity to reconnect with myself – and become refreshed with tools to help maintain a healthy mental, emotional, and physical state.  It helped me to break down situations and challenges – and see them for what they are – and discover new ways to handle them.  Thank you!

Sara has been instrumental in guiding me through some areas both professionally and personally that I have been hung up on for some time. Though I have experienced many “self-help” seminars and spiritual growth events, I have never before had such a personal approach to what I have been struggling through.  I am feeling empowered now with several tools to help me stay on track as I rumble through this thing called life. ~ KW. Realtor, New River, AZ


I discovered my stress is a result of fears; fears of loss, fears of the unknown, fears of failure, and fears of success.

My common response to facing a “fear” is to be distractible, distracted by any other shiny thing I could occupy myself with instead.

I have learned strategies to face these fears and see them as challenges instead.  I learned to break down the challenges into small obtainable steps, one step at a time.  And to reward each success.

Now thanks to this bootcamp course, I have the tools to meet my challenges, one at a time.

~ Debra G. 

I have learned from Sara’s classes about self empowerment.  How to be mindful with life’s stressful moments.  I have gained tools to help me handle stressful situations like breathing techniques, mindfulness, goal setting and accountability.  

I continue my journey in being a life learner.  Thank you Sara

~ Mariel G.

The Stress Resilience Bootcamp was a gift in so many ways.  I have taken the tools that Sara has presented into my life and have seen and experienced some really powerful results.  I am inspired to continue to use Sara’s techniques in more ways and in areas where I was once fearful and now feel excitement to live life more fully and with passion.  

Thank you for supporting me to be the light that shines within. 

~ Alana R., Gilbert, AZ

Mindfulness – Focus – Awareness

It is a plan that Sara makes very clear.  Her classes move well. It is well worth the time and practice.  I will take this forward with me in the months to come.


~ JJ

I have enjoyed working in a small group of women for Sara’s stress boot camp.  She shed light on many things I had either thought about but didn’t know how to resolve or brought into my awareness some value issues that I didn’t realize I had.  I’ve been able to use and benefit from the techniques she’s presented to us. I’ve used some of these prior to this, but now I think I have a better understanding and what to expect from each one. This has been very valuable to me and is helping me through a very difficult time of my life. It has given me more of a focus for moving forward and helping me get through a “stuck and paralyzed” feeling for my future.  

~ Carolyn Z.

This 6 week course was the perfect kick start to guiding me towards my goals, enhancing positivity in my life, and helping me to think of stress differently.  Insights on spirituality and how energies, emotions, hormones all work together to create balance or imbalance gave me a new perspective. Ultimately, the short course opened my heart and mind to reflect, understand my needs and desires, and to REWIRE my thought process to become more productive and to recognize accomplishments and to reward myself.  

These celebrations and rewards are the fuel and motivation to take on challenges and problem solve successfully and panic-free. 

~ Katie

This class gave me proactive, concrete steps to manage the stress in my life.  We were not there to vent or complain, we were there to learn the philosophy/science of stress, how to manage stress with the SMART goals. 


This class gave me accountability, learning “self-care.”  I should have taken this class years ago!

~ Kathryn

Through this class I have become more present in my daily activities.  I have gained the ability to acknowledge my feelings rather than flying off the handle.  I feel I’ve actually come closer to gaining more insight into my greater purpose.


The calm that I now experience has definitely decreased fatigue and some physical ailments.  I am excited about tackling some new goals to better myself further.

~ Heather

Turn around stress class was very helpful. It made me realize that some of my stress, I was creating by the way I thought or how I handled certain events.  By learning techniques to be more present I am able to look at a situation more clearly and instead of reacting, I step back and look at how I can change the situation to a positive.  


I am so happy I had the opportunity to participate in this experience.

~ Debi

This class is a review of many techniques I have learned in the past.  For reasons of being more open at this time in my life, I was more able to feel these lessons.  I was more able to express and to contemplate.  


The growth to my own self was huge and I feel will not only help me but show others changing and becoming are great lessons!

~ Don

Sara’s class gave me the tools to deal with stressful situations.  


She showed me the importance of balance in my life and I have a better understanding of what needs to be done to create happiness in my life.  


~ Jeff W.

As someone who has had difficulty being “in” the present, this class has given me the techniques and tools needed to be present.  


I have learned much about myself and how taking care of myself affects everyone around me.


~ John S. 


I learned the value of quiet confidence and to be unapologetic to claim my worth and authentic identity.  To claim my needs and wants with sincerity and confidence.  To nurture loving kindness.  Appreciate the bond and trust with John, Jeff, Wendy and Debi.


~ Hope Q.

As a whole, I have become open to being more of who I am instead of who I should be or what others think I am.  The class has given me the knowledge and open mind to grow in directions that open up my life to a beautiful place in my heart and mind.