Step Away from the Drama! Conserve Your Energy!

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We can get triggered by other people around us when we are pulled into their drama that is their “stuff” that doesn’t have anything to do with us. When people are reactive, their negativity can spread into the space and impact everyone in the vicinity.

This is a major energy drain for most of us. But if we care, and want to be a nice person, don’t we want to help them feel better? We may be seduced into the middle of their story thinking that we can help them to fix their problem. This may in turn trigger self-pity or resentment within us.

Or we may walk on eggshells to keep the peace so we don’t open the door to their drama. This is taking responsibility for that person’s mood and behavior. This is especially true for those who are bullies and tyrants.

The key here is to ask yourself, Is this about me? Or is this their stuff? What part am I responsible for and what is theirs? What is mine to own and what is not about me?

You can stay out of the drama through listening with neutrality and supporting without fixing, problem solving or rescuing. Remember to breathe deeply into your core so you hold space for them with presence.


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