Shamanism; Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

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Sara Regester

I have studied Shamanism since 2002. The lineage that I study comes from an ancient body of knowledge from the indigenous cultures of Turtle Island, the landmass that included all of North, Central, South America, Australia and New Zealand. The indigenous people of long ago shared their wisdom about the earth, the universe and healing with each other and this knowledge is so powerful that is still stands strong today.


I have a strong dedication to my spiritual path. It is integrated in who I am and how I live my life. My dedication has provided me with profound healing and personal evolution. It has not been an easy journey; it is a warrior’s path. But this powerful lineage and connection to wisdom is my “secret sauce” that makes my programs so transformative.

I know that my clients won’t be going out alone in nature for a seven-day vision quest or dancing with the drumbeat and song to the tree of life for three days and three nights while fasting to intend their dreaming for the next 12 months. I know that when I speak of alchemy that people don’t have a frame of reference for how this magical connection to the powers of creation from the so below into the as above speeds up healing and transformation.


I would describe myself as being “one-whoo” as opposed to “whoo-whoo” so I can say that I’m grounded in my approach to my clients. However, I have a calling for the work I do and I’m very clear about my role in supporting others to heal, transform and evolve through their every day life experiences. I have a blue print for physical problems that informs me how to support healing through changing mindset and lifestyle patterns.


The work I do integrates the mind-body-spirit through a variety of techniques and tools that I work with. I customize what is needed to meet my clients where they are to transform mindset and change lifestyle patterns. Sometimes I offer a personal ceremony, or I may offer a shamanic healing technique. My programs are not a cookie-cutter approach or a 5-Step System. I empower you to transform your pain; both physical and emotional, into something you can learn and grow from. This is what I’m referring to when I say I help people to evolve from where they are to create a new reality.


Stress Resilience is how you learn to focus on what matters so in the moment you can be present and make a choice for how you will respond to meet a challenge or trigger rather than go into emotional reactivity and energy loss.


Stress resilience will support you to step into bigger spaces of your potential so you can lead fearlessly from your authentic self. Being fearlessly authentic starts with you to discover your most natural self and is the key to true stress resilience because from that place you can make choices to create a lifestyle that is both successful and sustainable for the long term. My programs help you to turn your stressful lifestyle into a successful lifestyle.

Sara Regester, Stress Management Specialist, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Registered Nurse is the creator of the “Turn Your Stress into Success” Programs.


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