Turn Your Stressful Lifestyle into Your Successful Lifestyle; Programs designed to create a stress resilient lifestyle so you can stay on your edge without wiping yourself out

Programs that support success driven women and men who want to live happier, healthier more fulfilling lives without wiping themselves out from stress created by a busy life. These programs are highly transformative by the nature of the integrated mind-body-spirit results they create.

  • Re-wire mindset and re-design lifestyle so you can meet stress with courage and confidence
  • Navigate through major life transitions to create more joyful and fulfilling relationships, better health, more energy and live your life aligned with your natural shining and gifts.
  • You will shine the light into your shadow so you can heal it and transform it and live more aligned with your gifts.
  • Shine the light into your light to shine brighter with more awareness so you can turn up the volume to hear the inner voice of your own intuitive wisdom and turn down the negative inner dialogue that keeps you stuck.


Harness Your Stress into Success Workshop

An introductory 60 to 90-minute interactive workshop that is perfect for a group or business of any size looking for an insightful, interactive program that teaches how to leverage the energy of stress to be successful in a busy life by adopting stress resilience mindset, tools and techniques.

  • Participants learn how to prioritize personal values to manage time and prevent burnout.
  • They experience how to re-wire the brain to transform mindset and shift perspectives to think differently about stress.
  • Learn strategies to respond to stress triggers without loosing energy.
  • Participants leave this workshop with tools that will reduce the impact of their stress.

Download the workshop flyer here.


3-month Customized Success Mastery Program

A comprehensive 3-month program of in-person, telephonic or virtual sessions to work with you as a whole person to address complete mind-body-spirit transformation of the patterns, beliefs and habits that keep you stuck in stress; costing you your health, your key relationships, your energy and your career. This customized program specifically addresses your personal evolutionary process to maximize your gifts and propel you into your purpose. This program will help you to turn up the dial of your consciousness so you can hear your inner guidance and trust your own inner wisdom with more confidence.

This program is ideal for those success driven individuals committed to life long learning and personal growth. Whether you see yourself as a consciously living individual or feel that you are curious how to embody your greater potential, this program will support you right where you are.

  • The gift of this program is to transform emotional and physical pain into a vehicle for personal growth so you can thrive in success
  • Face your fears and heal your shame to feel more confident so you can stop losing energy by living in tolerance, complacency or compliance to fit in, conform to be accepted by others
  • Harness your ambition and desires for success to stay on your edge without wiping yourself out
  • Shine the light into your shadow and fears so you can clearly see what needs to change to create more happiness, better health, fulfilling relationships and prosperous work
  • Step out of resistance and fear of change to ride the wave of chaos so you can invite faster change into your life
  • Learn how to engage life with more flow and less push from striving

Unique tools from ancient Shamanic wisdom of indigenous healing are applied to speed up your transformation and restoration of alignment in your mind-body-spirit to create sustainable change. This program will give you a perspective of how you are evolving into your potential to fully shine with confidence through your life’s process. Align with your natural gifts to start living more successfully, joyfully and purposely using your natural talents, skills and gifts.

Heal, evolve and grow to live more in your light and less in your shadow. Discover your personal blue print that connects you to your greatest potential so you can evolve and grow into a fuller expression of your natural self. You have a physical body, five senses, inner wisdom and free will to make choices for how you want to transform where you are now to create a more expansive, joyful, peaceful life that is aligned with your true purpose.


90-minute Immersion into Your Evolutionary Blueprint; for a mind-body-spirit tune-up

This session is offered, in-person, telephonic or virtually, to address a specific stress issue, health issue or life transition that is triggering fear, sabotaging fulfillment or wiping you out in a busy life. Your date of birth is used to explore your lifestyle patterns and evolutionary blueprint for how you personally evolve and grow.

This session will explore how to meet a challenge, health condition or major life transition without stepping into the old patterns that sabotage the outcome and create energy loss. We will shine the light into the dark to explore your blocks and shine the light into your light to uncover your gifts and discover how you can shine your light brighter so you can make a bigger impact.

Gain a new perspective that your stress trigger is an opportunity to learn and grow when you gain clarity of how you can successfully meet your challenge and create a strategy to step out of fear, resistance and confusion and take decisive action.

Call to schedule virtually, telephonically or in person.

Click here to download the 90-minute Immersion flyer here.


Six-Week High Success with Low Stress Program

A program of six weekly 90-minute sessions for 5-8 participants designed to support an empowering group process that transforms stress patterns and mindset into a stress resilient lifestyle so you can be “good” at stress when it’s triggered. 

Learn how you can re-wire your stress patterns to transform your busy life to feel more energized, more focused and more fulfilled in your relationships, your home life and your work.

  • Participants will learn strategies to transform stress so they can prioritize what fuels their energy so they can feel more energized in a busy life.
  • Various mindfulness practices are experienced in each class to train presence as the foundation of stress resilience practices.
  • The new science of stress management is integrated throughout this program to learn tools and re-wire mindset about stress related habits and lifestyle patterns. Each participant will learn how to create a plan for sustainable change. The accountability for follow through creates traction with the change process.
  • Getting out of stress resistance and learning how to lean-in to a challenge with stress resilience mindset and creative problems solving results in stronger leadership in life, home and office.
  • Perceived Stress Assessment measures are completed in this program to measure your results from this course. You will also receive a certificate of completion to document your stress management training.

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(VIP) Shamanic Emersion Day:

This intensive one-on-one day is for those who want to launch into the transformation of their mind-body-soul’s journey with a day of alchemy, shamanic healing and ceremony to support you to make your direct link to Spirit for the emotional and physical healing you desire. The nature of this experience is very sacred, healing and expansive. The process clears old energy attachments from your past to create a more receptive container so you can have space within you to fully receive the life changes you desire.

  • The day will create an open vessel to begin the work that will free you from your pain so you can live more fully in the freedom and happiness as the shining confident person you are under all the pain and emotional armor that created beliefs, patterns and habits that keep you living small and not to your fullest potential to shine with your natural gifts.
  • You will learn your evolutionary blueprint that guides your growth and your patterns in this lifetime. Learn how your health issues are a reflection of the imbalance in your life and are a vehicle that can teach you how to transform and grow.
  • You will learn about your personal allies and make a stronger connection to the elements so you can make your personal connection to Spirit stronger.  
  • The VIP Intensive day has optimal benefits when it is paired with the Three-month Success Mastery Package but can also be a standalone process with two follow up sessions.


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