How to Be the Pebble in the Pond that Creates the Ripples

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Fear will always show up when we step out of our comfort zone to enter a new space or a bigger space. We feel fear when we are in the unknown. We lack confidence and feel vulnerable when we are on the edge of growth. Yet something is drawing us to make a bigger impact or to be the pebble that is making the ripples in the pond.


So if you are a success driven person who wants to make a bigger impact or someone who wants to live life more fully and expansively, you will feel the block of fear. Wanting to create change, yet not knowing how to get past your fear is very stressful. Sometimes it creates a push-pull dynamic that makes you feel stuck. You see your potential and can’t manifest this part of your heart’s desire.

This is how stress is part of your growth opportunities. Being on the edge can be scary yet there is also something exciting about stepping on the edge and out of the comfort zone that is boxing you in and dampening your light.


Here’s the good news. You can cultivate courage and confidence when you take small steps in the direction you want to go. You can bring the bigger vision closer when you “live as if” you are already there by creating experiences that engage your fear to increase your knowledge, skill and confidence to get more traction in that new direction. If we go too big we may never get started and stay stuck.


Tip: To cultivate more courage and confidence you can use the Tend and Befriend Stress Response. This is leaning in for support with your peers, your friends, your partner or your spiritual practice. By seeking support to navigate this edge, you can create a feeling of social connection, courage and confidence from the support of others. This supports so you stop resisting the challenge and to engage it. Every time you meet a confrontation and not avoid it, you are investing in your self-worth and making an investment in your self-value.


Be the pebble that creates the ripples in the pond by sharing your gifts and shining with others to make a bigger impact!


Schedule your 90-minute Evolutionary Blueprint to explore how you learn and grow so you can illuminate your gifts and explore your shadow to see how you can be that pebble who makes a bigger impact.


Sara Regester

Stress Mastery Expert


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