Freedom from the Push-Pull of Resistance

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Freedom from resistance is the gift we give ourselves when we get unstuck so we can break free from the status quo that we are tolerating and really go for our heart’s desire.

There is a lot of push-pull when we are in resistance. Yes I want to change and do my life/career/relationship/health differently but every time I try to make changes I always end up in the same place, feeling stuck, resentful and unfulfilled. I know there is more for me if I can just see what steps to take to do my life differently.

We want to change but feel stuck where we are. We know there is something better but we can’t see how to get there. We feel a lack of freedom and feel stuck in life events or relationships where we feel that we have no control to make change.

At our core we are success driven and we want to be pleasing and do our best. But many times the push pull that we are experiencing is because we are stuck in our resistance and unable to find a new way.

We may be stuck in indecisiveness between doing what we “should do” to please others and what we “want to do” for ourselves. There can be a whole other realm of resistance that opens up if we prioritize our heart’s desire.

So here is the turn-around. The one thing you can always change is your attitude towards something or someone and the approach you take to meet your resistance. You will lower your resistance when you take a decisive action.

One action can shift the stuck feeling in that moment when you shift your attitude and approach using these four steps:

  1. Take a few breaths into your lower belly below your naval and back towards your spine, into your core.
  2. Focus your attention on that power place in your second chakra where you can be more present, contain your energy, shift into neutral perception and listen more deeply both to the inner wise voice and to the person sitting across from you.
  3. Ask yourself “How am I going to going to shift this energy or how will I change my approach to this challenge?”  The “how” questions access innovative problem solving and open the door to imagination which can spark spontaneity to take an action to create a change.
  4. Avoid “what” question as in “What am I going to do?” As they will keep you stuck in the “what mind” and your freedom is found in the “how” mind.

Call or email Sara to schedule your Evolutionary Blueprint so we can explore how you can feel more freedom from the push-pull of your resistance that keeps you stuck.

Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert



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