January Newsletter – How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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“How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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Learn strategies to balance your stress and enjoy life

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Directions 4 Wellness

























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De-Stress and Lighten Up!

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Sara RegesterA Journey to Explore 

How to Align with a Busy Life Without Stress

  • Are you on the road to burn-out?
  • How to balance loving kindness with strength and boundaries
  • How to align with the elements (water, earth, wind and spirit) to create balance and harmony
  • Guided activities and ceremonial ritual to connect you with your senses and your vision for balance, creativity and relaxation.

Saturday November 1st

Rainbow Powers Center10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost: Includes lunch and refreshments

* $65 if paid by October 20th
* $79 after October 20th

To Register email either
* Sara Regester at sara@directions4wellness.com
* Ann McCommas at amccommas1@gmail.com

We will de-stress and lighten up as a circle of women coming together to share in our personal exploration of how our busy lives create disharmony when we are out of balance. We will offer teachings, exercises and shamanic ritual to empower ourselves to transform our stress into balance and harmony.

Ann is Founder and Director of AIM (Attitude, Insight, Motivation) Seminars, an organization serving Native American Communities for over 3 decades. Ann has learned from spiritual leaders, elders, and healers. Her passion is creating workshops and retreats where like minded women explore ways to thrive in times of change. Ann is the author of A Busy Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Time, Mind, Body and Spirit. She is a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner.

For more information, Ann can be reached at:
AIM Seminars 480.730.0165

For more information contact Sara Regester directly at 602.363.5533
Sara Regester, RN, BSN, Duke Trained Integrative Health Coach

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Healing Paradigm

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All you wanted to know about our healing paradigm but were afraid to ask


Healing Paradigm




The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path is often referred to as the “Wounded Warriors Path” by the simple principle that everything we do as an apprentice bring us healing in some form or another – every time we go into a sweat lodge, every time we do a Flowering Tree Ceremony, and everytime do our gateway ceremonies. Even when we follow through on our Warrior Techniques of Discipline, we find healing through our gains of energy. There is a constant movement forward that as we evolve, we continue to heal and restore our physical body and our luminosity.

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Peace on the Inside

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Autumn in Sedona  11.17.13

Peace on the InsideA few weeks ago I took a little road trip to Sedona, Arizona.  It was so peaceful and quiet as I hiked along the West Fork. Everything was so quiet. My mind was so quiet. How do we find this peace on the inside? It is so easy to go to that inner peace place when we put ourselves in a quiet nature spot but what about those busy days when we run from appointment to appointment with no peace at all??

I recently took up mindfulness meditation. It was challenging to prioritize it on a daily basis at first but I kept following a daily practice until now I feel a void on those days that I don’t practice meditation.

What inspired me to persist with developing a regular practice is when I thought about the enlightened masters such as Buddha and Kwan-Yin; they meditated and look where it lead them…..that is when I could see the value of investing in a mindfulness meditation practice for myself.

I wonder what doors will open for me now that my stress is less and my mind is more peaceful…  It was through my integrative coaches training that I learned the value of this practice but it was through personal exploration that I experienced the value of meditation.


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