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Do You Want Holiday Flow or Holiday Frenzy?

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We all do it…..fill up our plate with extra things to do between Thanksgiving and New Year. There is a long list of fun things that come up on the calendar, as well as honoring our traditions, commitments and gift buying and giving. We bake, we shop, we wrap and we often do some version of sending out cards. We may even throw a party. Some of us double up on these holiday activities if we are also covering our business or workplace with some holiday cheer.

Often, we arrive at the New Year breathless and ready for life to feel ordinary again as we fly into the final stretch hardly enjoying the peace of the winter solstice as a time of going inwards to reflect on the year behind us as we intend what we want in the year ahead of us. Making time for “me time” is critical to maintain your health and sanity.

What if you could do it differently this year? Less stress and overwhelm with more fulfillment and fun. This is what you can put on your list for Santa! Your opportunity to do it differently is to create more space to fit in the extra things that are part of your holiday tradition. You don’t need permission to change up your traditions. If you do need permission to let go of the “should do list” I’m offering it to you now.

Here are some ideas to create more space so you can flow and not push your way through the season. Pushing will make your giving feel resentful and not joyful.

Start with making a list of all the extra things that are coming up before the end of the year. Be realistic when you prioritize your time and energy so you don’t get run down from burning the candle at both ends. Remember, you were already busy before the holidays hit.

  • Prioritize the things you love to do that are energizing. These are the things that you “want to do” that make your heart happy.
  • Honor the commitments that you do each year as part of your tradition that you really don’t enjoy doing. These might be the things that you feel you “should do”
    • Find a new way to do them to make them more fun. Put on holiday music while you work on it.
    • Enlist support to share the task with others so you’re not doing it all yourself. Baking and wrapping as a group effort makes less time.
    • Wrap your gifts using gift bags and not rolls of paper and tape; easy-peasy
    • Stop doing the extra time-takers that don’t add to your holiday joy
  • Balance Holiday giving with Holiday receiving by asking for help and saying yes to others who offer you some help. Remove “No, thanks, I’ve got this” out of your vocabulary! Saying yes to others provides them the opportunity to give to you and feel appreciated. Remember this wisdom; “It’s never too late to delegate!”
  • Break down your to-do list into smaller realistic steps and draw out a timeline to spread tasks to fit into windows of time rather than thinking you need a bigger time frame to get your project done. This is especially helpful if you are stuck in procrastination.
  • Ask yourself seriously, is it time to let this tradition go so you can create more space in your season.
  • Finally, the gift of presence is the best present of all, prioritize your time to really enjoy or touch those who you cherish the most!







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Step Away from the Drama! Conserve Your Energy!

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We can get triggered by other people around us when we are pulled into their drama that is their “stuff” that doesn’t have anything to do with us. When people are reactive, their negativity can spread into the space and impact everyone in the vicinity.

This is a major energy drain for most of us. But if we care, and want to be a nice person, don’t we want to help them feel better? We may be seduced into the middle of their story thinking that we can help them to fix their problem. This may in turn trigger self-pity or resentment within us.

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July Newsletter

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Are You Feeling the Push and Pull of Resistance?

Click Here to Read the Complete July Newsletter.

Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert

Directions 4 Wellness


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Freedom from the Push-Pull of Resistance

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Freedom from resistance is the gift we give ourselves when we get unstuck so we can break free from the status quo that we are tolerating and really go for our heart’s desire.

There is a lot of push-pull when we are in resistance. Yes I want to change and do my life/career/relationship/health differently but every time I try to make changes I always end up in the same place, feeling stuck, resentful and unfulfilled. I know there is more for me if I can just see what steps to take to do my life differently.

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Sara Regester Talk Radio Guest

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Sara Regester presented her program, “Turning Your Stress into Success” for the “Successful Aging” segment on the Independent Talk Radio Show 1100 KFNX this past week.  Read the article summary written by Kaye Baker, Producer, Special to The Glendale Star.

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4 Tips to Shift Your Attitude so You Can Feel Lighter

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Our inner dialogue can really pull us into a place of distraction, not being present and feeling stuck in a bad mood. This is like tuning into a radio channel that is playing “Gloomy FM”. This can be very stressful if we desire a different reality but feel like we are stuck inside the reality that is weighing us down. A bad mood derails self-confidence and zaps our motivation.

The one thing we can always change in life is our attitude and how we approach our day. Many things are outside of our control but our attitude is within our freewill to choose how we want to show up. We can stay in a lousy attitude or we can shift out of our negative feelings to lighten up our energy and feel more positive.

Here are 4 tips to adjust your attitude:

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