February Newsletter – How to Face Your Fear with Courage

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Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert


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How to Be the Pebble in the Pond that Creates the Ripples

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Fear will always show up when we step out of our comfort zone to enter a new space or a bigger space. We feel fear when we are in the unknown. We lack confidence and feel vulnerable when we are on the edge of growth. Yet something is drawing us to make a bigger impact or to be the pebble that is making the ripples in the pond.


So if you are a success driven person who wants to make a bigger impact or someone who wants to live life more fully and expansively, you will feel the block of fear. Wanting to create change, yet not knowing how to get past your fear is very stressful. Sometimes it creates a push-pull dynamic that makes you feel stuck. You see your potential and can’t manifest this part of your heart’s desire.

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Taste Tidbits Features Dinner Workshop

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The February 16, 2017 Taste Tidbits section of the Arizona Foothills Magazine written by Melissa, featured the Stress Mastery Educational Dinner which is scheduled to be held at the True Foods Kitchen at the Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Sara Regester will be the featured speaker and will share her presentation titled, Harness Your Stress into Success.  

Tickets are priced at $55 per person, and includes an educational session and a three-course meal consisting of family-style appetizers, entrees, desserts and one cocktail per person. Call True Food Kitchen Biltmore to make your reservation at 602.774.3488 and reference that you’re confirming your spot for the Sara Regester event.

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Sara Regester

Directions 4 Wellness

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January Newsletter – How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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“How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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How to Create a “Sticky” Plan for Sustainable Change

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You have goals for 2017 and now you find that your motivation to change is waxing and waning. Life is busy and you are distracted from your goals for this year.

Here is the good news, the most successful change happens when you take small, incremental steps and get those locked in before you add to your plan.

The reason that you have failed to sustain your goals for 2017 is not a reflection that you failed but more that your plan has not been “sticky” enough to stack your deck for success.

Eight Tips to create a Sticky Plan:

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Holiday Recipe for Sustainable Change

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I recently had a very inspiring vision to describe how to create sustainable change. It’s all in how you create a simple plan, with small realistic steps so that you can stack your deck for success. This is the “recipe” that I use to support the amazing transformation for my clients. If you don’t break the steps down into simple, easy to follow steps, you can go into overwhelm or procrastination and never really get started or take action on your plan.


If you think about how we bake a cake or cookies, we can apply the same recipe to our Action Plan for change. While baking, we typically only add one or two ingredients at a time. We don’t add more until they are thoroughly mixed in. Once the ingredients are mixed in or “integrated” we can then add more and stir the next ingredient into the batter. When you bake cookies, you may pour in small portions of flour, mixing in each little bit before you add more. Once all the ingredients have been mixed in you can pour the batter into a pan and bake it into a delicious treat that is a greater whole than the sum of the parts that were the individual ingredients.

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