How to Beat Stress with Mindful Moments

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The downside of stress is that it pulls us out of presence if we are ruminating with the inner dialogue that takes up space in our mind pulling us out of the present moment and draining our energy. We can grind away in this mode for hours spinning our wheels and losing energy.

The upside of stress is that it gives us a little energy boost to focus and move through things. Stress can be motivating if we don’t go into overwhelm. If we meet the stress as a challenge we can use that energy boost to respond and problem solve. Staying in the present moment helps us to align with the stress boost.

Here’s the key, the only thing you can really control in your life is your attitude and how you choose to approach something. So if you feel that things are piling up or that you just got triggered into stress mode there is a choice you can make. Start exercising your “free will” muscle to pay attention to what really matters in the moment. Making a choice to practice mindful moments is how you give yourself some space to breath and reflect on your options.

You can react and go into emotional discharge and freak-out. Or you can take a breath, bring your energy into your core, and ask yourself “What-cha-gonna-do?”

Taking a pause to reflect and respond can happen in an instant. But to go into response mode and stay out of reaction mode is a choice; to shift in your attitude to not go into reactivity. Being “good” at stress means that you can maintain your emotional balance to meet your challenge with some flexibility to problem solve. It’s like creating some space or “breathing room” within your inner landscape to manage what is going on in the outer environment.

My “Turn Your Stress into Success” Programs teach you how to shift your attitude when you can control nothing else around you. Mindful moments will help you to beat your stress. Schedule a call with me so I can support you to beat your stress.


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