4 Tips to Shift Your Attitude so You Can Feel Lighter

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Our inner dialogue can really pull us into a place of distraction, not being present and feeling stuck in a bad mood. This is like tuning into a radio channel that is playing “Gloomy FM”. This can be very stressful if we desire a different reality but feel like we are stuck inside the reality that is weighing us down. A bad mood derails self-confidence and zaps our motivation.

The one thing we can always change in life is our attitude and how we approach our day. Many things are outside of our control but our attitude is within our freewill to choose how we want to show up. We can stay in a lousy attitude or we can shift out of our negative feelings to lighten up our energy and feel more positive.

Here are 4 tips to adjust your attitude:

  1. Appreciation Practice: One of the quickest ways to shift out of a bad attitude is to do an appreciation inventory. Stop where you are and take stock of all the things you appreciate around you in that moment. How something tastes, smells, feels or sounds. What else do you notice that you can name and appreciate? Using our senses is a doorway into noticing what you appreciate that is literally right under your nose. Appreciation is taking a mindful moment to pause and reflect on what you notice that will lift your spirit. Feeling appreciation can bring us back to the present moment and stop the negative ruminating thoughts.
  2. Go outside and give away your negative emotions to a tree. It’s easy to go out and find a tree that you are drawn to and make a connection with that tree but walking up to it and walking around it. Then, once you feel that you are connected to that tree you can verbalize in the first person, present tense the negative feelings that you are giving away to the tree. Trees are not harmed by our negative energy, they transform it into oxygen for the atmosphere. Trees are special because of the way they grow towards the light, they are very happy to support our growth to the light as well.
  3. Go outside and take a quick walk. You don’t have to go far but getting up from where you are and going outside is a great way to get your energy moving and to get all the mood elevating benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Even if it’s hot out, you will feel the heavy energy lift.
  4. Tuning into Potential FM: One of the key strategies is to tap into a more positive attitude is to notice where you are tuning into with your thoughts. If you think of yourself as a radio receiver notice what “channel” is playing in your mind.
  • Potential RM are those quick illuminations that pop into our head about the things we would like to bring into our life. The thoughts we have from Potential FM are often about our heart’s desire and what would support our happiness.
  • Reality FM are those thoughts that relate to our every day reality and so may have a heavy or negative flavor of what is current reality or a current challenge rather than the inspiring or heartfelt potential of what we desire to bring in. If we tune into Reality FM too much than we cut off the imagination and inspiration to be open to creating the changes we desire in our current reality.
  • Gloomy FM are those thoughts we have that will drain our energy and keep us stuck in a bad mood. If we are tuning into this station then try Tips 1-3 above.

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